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I want this La Sardina camera. I guess I’ll start saving for it now. 

And if I have the extra money, I’ll probably buy the Fritz the Blitz flash.

Forever 21.

Too expensive for me.

SM City Cebu.

Slept at Steffi’s house. Quite tired from making the props.


Found this in a mall while buying the materials for the host team.

Ayala Center Cebu.

Trying out frisbee in water.

Bantayan Island, Cebu | 040313

Klien sitting on a katig (in English: outrigger).

Bantayan Island, Cebu | 040313

Quite jealous of Bigs’s hair.

Bantayan Island, Cebu | 040313

Stacy and Katsi.

Island hopping with friends!

Lapu-Lapu | 122012

Nico & Luwi. Heading home from our island hopping.


Lapu-Lapu | 122012

I just knew that Jean Capotorto from the band Tim & Jean stepped down from it. I’m quite sad. The band is now called The Lazy Calm which has four members including Tim and the three people who were with them throughout their journey.

I’ll still listen to the band though.

What Papa bought for us!

Springwoods Country Homes.

I decided to sleep over at Maissie’s place because our house is 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the bus station and the bus will leave at 7:00 a.m.

Upon arriving at almost 8:00 pm in Punta Princessa, she immediately asked me to help her in painting the shirts that we will be using for our shoot.


My friend mixing textile paints:



We finished painting the shirts (except one since the two of us were very sleepy and tired) around 3 o’clock in the morning.

We decided to meet with the others at SM City Cebu at 6:30 am but Maissie woke up around 6, so instead, we decided to go directly to the North Bus Terminal. Kean met up with us in Maissie’s house and the three of us rode a taxi bound for the terminal. The bus ride took almost 4 hours before we arrived in Daanbantayan. We purchased our tickets for the barge and it took another hour for us to arrive at Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

Bigs, our hostess, was already in the pier when we arrived. We used their pick-up truck in going to her uncle’s resort. Food for lunch was so good! There was pork barbecue, crabs (bought by Kean), caldereta, etc. After eating, we then changed to our costumes for the shoot.


Extra poses after the shoot:



Before supper, we went to a store a few meters away to buy some drinks. We stayed their for awhile because it started to rain and we did not bring umbrellas with us. We decided to return to the beach house even though it was still raining, but we stopped over at another store because a friend of ours bought some cigs. When the rain stopped, we went directly to the place we were staying.

The house was packed with people because Bigs’s mom was celebrating in advance her birthday. So, we decided to have a boodle fight for supper! The scenario below was taken minutes after we devoured the different foods that were served. It was one of the most palatable and enjoyable suppers that I’ve experienced! The dried and salted fishes, carbonara, lechon, etc. were very delicious!


After we cleaned the place, we took a bath and changed into our pyjamas.


We then proceeded to the beach front to start a bonfire and play some cards. Maissie and Steffi treated us to some drinks for their birthdays. I only drank a couple of shots because I’m really not into this stuff.



I did not join the game since I was tired and I really wanted to lie down. After a couple of minutes, I went to the bathroom inside the bedroom to pee. I decided to lie down on the bed because I was really very sleepy. I didn’t know how many minutes passed but I suddenly felt someone hitting me with their hands! It was Stacy, asking me to wake up and join them again on the beach. I obliged and joined them again. This happened twice, and it was Steffi this time who woke me up and asked me to join the game of dares. We went together to the beach front but I declined to join the game.

The group woke up at around 7 and all of us except Stacy and I swam in the beach. We then ate breakfast and packed our things. We ate at Bigs’s canteen in Bantayan Proper for our lunch. After which, Kean, Bigs (for Queenie) and I bought dried fish at the market, 1/4 for 110 Pesos. We also visited Bigs’s house which has the “rich vibes” to it. We returned to the beach house to get our things and then headed towards the port. We said our goodbyes and thank-you’s to our sponsors after they dropped us at the pier.

The sea was calm at first but in the middle of the journey, it started to rain and waves were crashing the barge. It was not really that scary for the group (and me because I was already used to travelling on a barge). Fortunately, we arrived safely in San Remegio!

The experience was really great and I am very grateful to Bigs and her family for the hospitality they showed us!

October 21-23, 2012

My parents had a chat over Facebook and Mama suddenly told me to look at the monitor.

And there was my father holding the camera.

It turns out he bought it last May and they did not tell me about it! Before I was called by my mother, she told Papa to not tell me since they have kept the secret for five months and he was about to come home from his work as a seaman. But Papa can’t hide his excitement, so he finally told me. I was really really happy! Even though I told them before that I prefer Nikon, it still feels really great to be given something that I’ve wanted for so long.

See you real soon, Pa!

(Canon EOS Rebel t2i, EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS, EFS 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS)

I was scanning through vivatregina’s blog and I came across this post.

Wow, just wow! A very cool and unique bookshop in one of the places that I really want to visit someday.

The Atlantis Books is located in Oia, Santorini, Greece.

" Be careful how you live. You may be the only Bible some people will ever read. "


(read in a bulletin board in Sto. Rosario Parish Church, Cebu)