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Waveboarder, bibliophile and a moving image enthusiast. I'm a big fan of breakfast, nature, surfing and the extremes! I have an online photo portfolio and book review pages where the links are found here.

Hello book lovers and those who love them! I was so stoked with this book store that I wanted everyone to know about it! They sell books that are super cheap + delivery is for FREE worldwide!!! I promise with everything I am and all things I have that this is not a scam! Go now to Book Depository and choose away! Or you may click this link.

And to you dear authors and publishers, I really love books and I give reviews here and in my GoodReads profile! If you want me to review your masterwork, you can contact me here. Thank you in advance!

I will not get any money from this, I just want to share these wonderful little things on the internet to you guys! Happy reading!

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